• Andrea Leary

The Southern, Italian, Creole, Greek, Cajun and Good Times Cook Book

"Often and unknowingly, food identifies us. It says where we were born, where we have been and who we have known. It tells if we are bold and experimental or meek and predictable. Food is our solice at a wake, our joy at a birth and our love offering when courting." So begins the forward to my favorite cook book and every bit of it is true.

My aunt Pati True-Maddox and my uncle Ray have always been 2 of my favorite people. Pati grew up in New Orleans and spent her childhood in the kitchen of her family's restaurant. Being southern, Ray grew up with a love for food and discovered a love of cooking when he found his soul mate in Pati. In 1988 they wrote a cookbook together. It was a culmination of their food experiences that included dishes from their childhood and newly discovered favorites. Over 30 years later, this cookbook is still my "go to" when I am looking for something special to make or just need a taste of my past.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some of my favorite recipes from this cookbook. I cannot wait to go through it page by page, recipe by recipe. Each of these dishes mean something special to me. Each one evokes a memory. There is a story in every bite.

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